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Public Relations

“When a young man meets a girl and tells her how great a guy he is, that’s promotion. When he tells her how lovely she looks, that’s advertising. But when she chooses him, because she’s heard from other people that he’s a great guy, that’s public relations.” Every day, we reaffirm our commitment to this quote by banker Alwin Münchmeyer in our PR work-and apparently rather well, since the opinion-generating media are constantly reporting on our customers. We measure success using qualitative and quantitative media analysis. We’ll turn around the image of an airline run by new management and at the brink of bankruptcy, getting the CEO in all the most important business and economics publications. We’ll secure extensive coverage in the glossies for brands like “The Palm” in Dubai. Or we’ll make sure IT companies are constantly turning up in the B2B press. The short of the matter is: we cover the whole PR gamut, and we’re experts at what we do. We’re up on the latest trends, and we convey complex issues with convincing words. And of course, we maintain top-quality media contacts, because ambitious communication goals call for messages that are well received.

External press office

Our domestic and foreign clients make good use of our full-service portfolio. We are our clients’ face before the media; we maintain excellent contacts with journalists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; and with the help of a CRM-aided system, we make carefully targeted topic placements with more than 10,000 media representatives.


Being there to guide an association through the repositioning process is a fantastic job, especially when, as an agency, you get to pull out all your best tricks: marketing, PR, events and advertising. That’s exactly what we are doing for an association of chimney sweeps in Hesse-and they’re not the only ones. We create flyers, write trade articles, organize events, host training sessions, design and place ads and much much more. We are also do a great deal of issue management work for clients in the USA and the Middle East, two places where skillful handling of culture and politics is an absolute must.

Press releases

The worm has to taste good to the fish, not the fisherman, which is why we write our press releases with journalists in mind. And it’s something we’re definitely good at. To cite one example: in just seven months, we secured 809 articles in publications with a total circulation of 50 million readers for our client InterContinental Hotels Group. This was the equivalent more than EUR 5.5 million in total ad value.

Press conferences

Good press conferences are an art form. They need the perfect timing, the perfect location, and – of course – a team that will get the right journalists interested in their client’s topic. To get journalists in Germany and Switzerland acquainted with Berlitz’s new “Business Seminars” division, we sent them a creative mailing and then invited them to a press conference at the stock exchange. It worked like a charm.

Case Studies

For clients like ADP, HRG, Ogone and Berlitz, just to name a few, we make regular use of case studies to showcase the added value of their products and services. The texts we write at the request and on behalf of our clients are snapped up by the media, because they know (1) that the are well written and (2) that include a proper story that will broaden the horizons of their readers.

Media analyses

Our clients – understandably – ask us time and time again: what’s the point of PR? To give them a clear answer, whenever the budget permits, we prepare qualitative and quantitative media analyses to show them at a glance just how well and how clearly their key messages are reaching their target audience.

Trade fair support

At trade fairs like Cebit and ITB, there are literally thousands of exhibitors clamoring for the attention of the media, buyers and customers. We cast a positive light on our clients, plan long-term topics that will be launched at the right time, arrange press conferences, set up one-on-one chats and organize promotional activities such as contest or raffles – to cite just a few examples.


As part of their everyday business activities, our clients have frequent and “real” encounters with journalists, buyers and their customers in the form of e-mails, videoconferences, webinars and blogs. With so much electronic communication, it is all the more important for things to go just right when they finally do meet up in person. Luckily, that’s what we’re here for. We handle all the details from the location, topic, invitations and motto to the catering, side program and follow-up activities. Clients like bmi, Berlitz and the East Midlands Tourism Promotion Board are just some of the clients who have made good use of our event management services.


Nakheel, the Arab world’s largest real estate developer, asked us to organize a countrywide road show to promote its artificial island, “The Palm”, in Germany. We responded with a series of presentation events throughout the country in locations as exclusive as the Olympic Studio in Munich and the horse track in Frankfurt, generating an overwhelming amount of media coverage in the process. The story was picked up by all of Germany’s leading weeklies and dailies and all major television and radio stations.


More and more clients are asking for polished benchmarking processes. That only makes sense. Companies that can clearly identify segments with market potential will also be sure to use the most suitable tools to reach their customers: PR, marketing, events, advertising, etc. For example: for the East Midlands Tourism Promotion Board, we not only carry out regular benchmarking activities among target journalists, tour operators and travel agency employees; we also use them to justify new activities. The great thing is that this benchmarking has shown the positive outcomes of previous measures. Every time.

Media training

Thirty seconds can be the difference between success and utter disaster. The victory sign flashed by Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann in the Mannesmann case is a good example of just how quickly a company can jeopardize its credibility and arouse a great deal of negative sentiment. That is why we train boards of directors, business managers and company spokespersons in demanding conditions, testing their skills with cross questioning, video analysis and final assessment. We have trained L’TUR shop managers on how to interact with local media, schooled Holiday Inn and Best Western hotel managers in the art of talking to the business media, and taught other customers what to watch out for when dealing with economic and political journalists.


True to the name, the speech is written by a “ghost” who is invisible to the outside world. That is why you will not see the names of the reputable organizations we write speeches for, which include associations, an internationally active business travel service provider and a leading solar power company.


Social researcher Ernest Dichter said, “If I want to sell dog food, first I have to take on the roll of a dog, since only dogs know exactly what dogs want.” Before we recommend expensive marketing to our customers, we will often spend days on end suffering-in the truest sense of the word-like dogs, racking our brains to figure out what our customers’ target group really wants. Only then do we develop a concept. Check out our marketing section for samples of our work.

Strategic consulting

Germany’s chimney sweeps will lose their monopoly in 2013 and have until then to position themselves in the market as customer-friendly service providers. The Association of Chimney Sweeps turned to us for help with market and target-group analysis, and this has been the springboard for a whole range of promotional activities, including classic PR, training sessions, media training, informational materials, event planning, new websites and much much more. We also provide strategic consulting services to other customers.


How to you spark the curiosity of journalists who are flooded with hundreds of event invitations every single day? You surprise them with creative ideas. For Berlitz, for instance, we sent out a personalized chicken mailing to 2,000 journalists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Each journalist received a postcard featuring his or her full name written out in wheat. Tons of work, but oh so worth it! The response we received was fantastic. We are constantly brewing up new ideas like the chicken for our customers – and not just for mailings.


From time to time, we suggest that our customers do a raffle, customizing it to a specific goal and readership. For example, we might suggest a women’s magazine for our hotel clients like Holiday Inn or Best Western. For the East Midlands Tourism Promotion Board, we might propose a golf magazine or perhaps a regional newspaper in Cologne, since the airline bmi has a direct flight from Cologne to Nottingham.


Our experience in the newsletter department is rich and covers a variety of B2B and B2C publications. We also deal with a wide range of target groups: airline employees, bankers, Internet retailers, shipping clerks and journalists, just to name a few. When sending out our newsletters, we use special software to measure how many times each article is read.

Customer magazines

Customer magazines are a lot of fun. Throwing out ideas, discarding them, coming up with new ones. Sharing concepts with customers. Getting the green light. Writing exposés and articles and coming up with the perfect images to accompany the text. And finally, putting it all together to make a beautiful product that resonates among readers.

Brochures / inserts

Despite-or even because of-the flood of e-mails, Twitter, etc. that we are exposed to on a daily basis, brochures and inserts are often promotional must-haves. So, it’s a good thing when you can count on an agency to come up with a perfect, ready-to-print insert practically overnight, avoiding cumbersome, approval-laden development processes. That is the benefit of service and process from one source. Full service.

Speaker slots

There is no better way to position a company – even one that is suffering major upheaval and has lost the confidence of customers and suppliers – than by presenting at the leading industry conference. Whenever a new CEO makes a break with the past and wants to send a clear statement to the industry, we are there in a heartbeat, ready to organize a high-profile speaker slot. It goes without saying, of course, that we write the speech and handle all the arrangements.



Someone who stops advertising to save money might as well stop his watch to save time. Or something like that. On the other hand, Henry Ford once said: “I’m positive that for every dollar I spend on advertising, half is money down the drain. I just don’t know which half.” We know which media work best with which target group, and we make sure that half your money doesn’t go down the drain. We write the ad copy and put together ads for you. Then, we measure their effectiveness with response elements.


Why banter about with words when you can show someone what you mean? We provide the full range of corporate design services, from designing logos and corporate identities to all the related odds and ends.

Ad development

The old saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is as true today as the day it was coined, which is why attach great value to appearance. And text too.

Ad placement

Wann und wo erzielt der Kunde mit seiner Werbung am meisten Wirkung und hat die geringsten Streuverluste? Manchmal ist diese Frage wirklich schwer zu beantworten. Im Dialog mit Kunden und Medien entwerfen wir Mediapläne und schalten die Anzeigen. Wir nutzen alle Medienkanäle, on- und offline genauso wie Außenwerbung.


Sometimes it is the small things that seem to stick in people’s minds. No, we are not talking about diamonds as a “girl’s best friend”. Small gestures are what counts. For example, for the premiere of the latest Batman film The Dark Knight, we gave VIPs a futuristic-looking pen in a film canister. To promote new bike routes in the Oldenburg Münsterland, we sent travel journalists a pack of noodles in the shape of a bike.