The Atlas Group of Networks enters into a multi-year Agreement with digital start-up Flenzies

Real-time matchmaker in the world of transport teams up with 3 Global Alliances with one massive deal

Munich and Antwerp, January 24rd 2019 – The Antwerp-based Atlas Group of Networks consisting of the Atlas Logistic Network, the Atlas Logistics Family Alliance and the Atlas Breakbulk Alliance announces a multi-year partnership Agreement with the Munich start-up Flenzies.

The partnership immediately enhances the Flenzies community with several thousand Professionals from family-owned companies around the world, covering more than 600 locations and offering both high-end project cargo logistics, air- and seafreight as well as classic day-to-day logistic services.

“With the sheer explosion of mature innovations entering our industry it remains a challenge for any CEO to pick and choose, every SmartPhone is running full with Apps. We were fortunate that Albert Pegg was amongst the very first Executives to have a closer look as we launched last summer” says Anders Flensborg, CEO and Founder of Flenzies.

“Certainly this was no blind bargain” according to Albert Pegg, who runs Atlas BreakBulk Alliance since 2016 and Luc Huysmans, the Founding Father of the Atlas Group of Networks. “We have been participating since May 2018, we have received opportunities and challenges posted, and we have seen the quality of the participants. There is zero advertisement, no unserious posting, and no distribution of sour cargolists. I therefore believe that Flenzies is likely to become a cherished instrument for our Atlas Group members. It can save considerable amount of time both in the development of new business and as a real-time troubleshooter, and I like the fact that our family-owned member firms may now take full advantage of this innovation”

The Business Accelerator of the Transportation Industry  offers a service that is based on the same “yes/no” logic as Tinder. Through matching algorithms, users enjoy real-time and precise communication centered around business opportunities related to maritime and transportation.  According to founder Anders Flensborg many of the participating Professionals have finalized a new business, or have found new business partners at the platform, often within the first few hours after posting. In the first 7 months up till end of 2018, more than 9000 opportunities and challenges were processed by Flenzies, users thereby engaging from 89 nations.

The Atlas  Group of Networks is a not-for-profit service facilitator with the single purpose of serving the participating member companies. The three Networks develop and offer numerous solutions and services for its member base, for example financial security by way of mutual credit insurance, payment protection programs, international fee-free payments and industry experts arbitration amongst others.